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Find the right talent in 1 week—no upfront fees—zero-cost replacements within three months.

who we are

We are a global talent network specializing in placing top talent for startup ventures. Our aim to help startups build, launch and grow by matching them with the right talent.


We envision a world where startups have the resources and talent necessary to achieve their goals, no matter the challenge.


Our mission is to connect startups to the most qualified talent available, enabling them to build, launch and grow successfully.

what makes us different

We utilize a dynamic approach tailored to the unique demands of startups. We recognize the rapid and ever-changing landscape of the startup environment and provide swift, cost-effective solutions. This enables you to concentrate on your business's essential aspects while we expertly manage your talent acquisition needs.

Our Network

Our global talent network enables us to find the best candidates, no matter where they are.

Our Approach

Our approach is actively recruiting and finding top talent, not just to relying on incoming applications.

Our Speed

We place candidates 30% faster than the industry average, ensuring a swift talent acquisition process.

Our Team

Every candidate is personally interviewed by one of our senior recruiters to ensure they are the right fit for the position.

Join 200+ happy clients that use the Startup Studio

"I highly recommend using the Startup Studio to source your startup talent. They understood our business's unique needs and found us the perfect match for our company culture."

– Sarah, Marketing Director

our guarantee

We can place talent under one week. There are no upfront fees. We will replace talent at no cost for the first three months if it doesn't work out.

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Startup Studio

We co-found with and invest in passionate, diverse founders at the pre-seed stage and help them grow their startups with daily support from product, marketing, and fundraising startup experts.

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