Funding diverse founders building for diverse audiences

We believe that the greatest innovations come from lived experiences. That's why we love to invest in founders with diverse life, career, and professional experiences that are building the future for women and multicultural consumers in the U.S.

We Back Founders that Others Overlook

First and foremost, The Startup Studio invests in consumer technology and marketplaces building the future for women and multicultural consumers—a $4.4 trillion opportunity in the U.S. annually.

However, unlike many other funds, we invest in people rather than diplomas and in startups based in rising tech hubs across the U.S. rather than in Silicon Valley.

We love founders from truly diverse backgrounds that have unique and deep insight into their customers, have unbelievable grit and hustle, and are building something clearly distinct from their competitors.

If this mission aligns with your investment thesis we'd love to have you join us.

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Invest with the Startup Studio

Invest with The Startup Studio to support our mission of funding the future of women and multicultural consumers in the United States. Join us in backing innovative startups led by founders historically overlooked due to factors such as geography, gender, education, and work experience.

Startup Studio

We co-found with and invest in passionate, diverse founders at the pre-seed stage and help them grow their startups with daily support from product, marketing, and fundraising startup experts.

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