We fund and co-found disruptive companies

Partnering with a diverse range of founders, the Startup Studio combines ideas, capital, resources, and talent to build the companies of the future.

We build with founders that are as diverse as the customers they serve.

We believe that the greatest innovations come from lived experiences. That's why we build and invest in founders with diverse life, career, and professional experiences who are building the future for women and multicultural consumers.

We love founders from truly diverse backgrounds with unique and deep insight into their customers, unbelievable grit, and hustle, who are building something disruptive and clearly distinct from their competitors.

If you’re driven and passionate about what you’re building, be sure to get on our radar!

Why Startup Studio?

A different kind of co-founder


Build with builders

Every company is co-founded alongside entrepreneurs and experts who have all built massively successful companies.


Stack the odds

Our resources, playbooks, systems, network, and capital accelerate and de-risk ideas, increasing the probability and magnitude of success.


Focus on building

Our team enables founders to focus on creating and building, by simplifying and optimizing the company creation process.

"There has never been a better time to start a company and our mission is to diversify wealth by encouraging people from all backgrounds to choose entrepreneurship. The world will be a better place when more people build the future we want together."

-K.J. Royal • Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Your built-in founding team

We’re an experienced team of founders and operators who have started dozens of companies and created billions of dollars in enterprise value.









Ready to build the next great company with the Startup Studio?

Startup Studio

We co-found with and invest in passionate, diverse founders at the pre-seed stage and help them grow their startups with daily support from product, marketing, and fundraising startup experts.

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